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Every child goes through different stages of development in their life. As parents, it is extremely important to see these stages of growth as opportunities. We must see them asgolden opportunities to equip our children with an environment where it is easy for them to find their identity, and thus their purpose.

Finding their identity is so key because it helps them feel confident in their purpose, and thus, gives them a greater motive to achieve greatness not only in their lives, but in leading others as well. Every time you encourage your child it benefits them. It deposits love in them and creates an environment to drive them towards their identity. Looking for an identity can be a scary daunting task, almost like looking at an enormous ocean for a specific island. As parents, we can help be the telescope that guides your child to find these critical places of identity for your child.

The Strength Finders 2.0 test, by Tom Rath, is a great way to identify leadership strengths your child has. There is a test you or your child can take which will classify your top strengths. The book does a fantastic job of explaining each strength and how to utilize them. Get the book, take the test, and start impacting your child and your own personal life!

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