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Imagine if our kids walked boldly throughout their lives with assurance, knowing that everything they need to succeed is already within them! What an incredible future our society would have.

The truth is that many of us adults walk around on a daily basis fighting with the voice of doubt that tempts us to question ourselves. “Am I smart enough? Am I strong enough? Do I have what it takes to succeed in this?” “Maybe I’m not personable enough, or perhaps I’m just not good looking enough.”

These questions have a way of creeping into the thoughts of even the most confident and mentally tough of today’s leaders. We’ve all asked ourselves these questions, and our kids will certainly ask themselves the same ones. It’s our job, as parents, mentors, and coaches to teach them how to answer them.

It’s our goal at Leaders For Life to help cultivate true confidence in our children; to teach them that confidence comes from the inside, not the outside and that true confidence is knowing that they are enough.

Michelangelo was one of the greatest artists that ever lived. Once, when asked how he was able to carve such majestic and powerful angelic forms from marble, he said that he could see the angel in the marble and continued carving until he set it free.

We, as parents and mentors, are privileged to be the sculptors of the young leaders that we’re trusted to influence. Our words act as chisels that release the confident, authentic, true leaders in our children.

As a parent, I know just how challenging it can be to affirm the attributes we see in our kids without destroying those natural qualities they possess when they act out or show undesirable behavior. When we choose to see, even in the most difficult parenting moments, that our kids were fearfully and wonderfully made as they were knit together in their mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13-14), we are taking the first steps in molding lasting confidence in our children.

Let’s challenge ourselves to verbally recognize and affirm all of those great qualities while we also redirect and lovingly correct the behavior that needs to be changed.

Let’s challenge ourselves to remember that a strong-willed child can become an adult who perseveres. A child with a temper can be an adult with passion. An overly affectionate kid can become an adult who understands unconditional love, and even a sneaky child can become a strategic leader with integrity.

When we choose to encourage all of the great qualities our kids already have, we’re teaching them that they already have all they need to succeed. When that inevitable day comes that they ask themselves, “Am I enough?”, they’ll look their future square in the eye and boldly answer, “I already am enough!”

It’s crucial that we recognize these qualities not only in our children, but also in ourselves. Confidence can be realized in knowing that you, too, are enough as parents and master sculptors.

Your children are very fortunate to be in your hands.

– Tina Newberry

I’m excited that we’re partnering with my daughter, Tiffany Rave, over the next eight weeks to discover how we can claim this confidence for ourselves and overflow it to our families. Please take a moment to discover Tiffany’s week 1 take on confidence in her article Live Confident: Breaking Free From A Life Of Doubt.

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