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When children are raised to be leaders for life, we get the opportunity to prepare our children to travel and to change their worlds. Here are 10 safety tips you will want to teach your child before they take flight! Practice these next time you take a vacation.

  1. Have an ID in two places. Make a copy of their passport and hide it in their clothes.

  2. No Names on clothing-Avoid putting names on their items such as backpacks and suitcases. This allows strangers to know personal information about your child.

  3. Sandwich your child between two adults at all times. Be sure when you are walking that your child is between you and another trusted adult. If the child on the outside, it is easier for him/her to get lost.

  4. Teach your child to go to the front desk or adults in professional uniforms if they get separated and/or need help. Sometimes the front desk isn’t easily located. If this is the case, teach them to go to a mother with children.

  5. Know your way around. Teach your children how to navigate throughout the airport by letting them help you check in, go through security, and find their gate. The more confidence they build while traveling with you in this process, the less likely they will be a target for an unsafe circumstance.

  6. Avoid long lines by signing up for TSA precheck. In order to be a precheck member, you’re required to get a background check! It costs a little bit more money, but ask yourself, “Is this extra cost worth my peace of mind knowing that everyone that goes through has had a background check?” It is easier for people with bad intentions to target stationary children. When children go through precheck, not only are they surrounded by more adults in uniform, but they are also able to be in motion constantly.

  7. Print out an emergency travel card with all of your child’s information and your contact information. You can take a photo of your child in what they are wearing the day you travel for precaution.

  8. Teach your child that it’s okay to say NO to adults. Adults do not need help from kids. It’s not rude to ignore a stranger.

  9. “Stranger”. Yelling “stranger” will alert others around them that the child is in danger and this person is not their parent.

  10. Memorize family phone numbers. We rely on our “favorites” list and if your child is separated from their own phone, could they give that authority your information?

Now that you have these tips, practice them next time your family takes a trip. Before long, your children will be professional, safe travelers that will change the world every place they go!

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