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Raising Leaders from the Inside Out 


Raising a Leader for Life

Encourage you as you instill valuable leadership and life skills in children, and equip them to stand up to life’s challenges.

Raising a Leader for Life

Give you simple to use resources to develop a language and culture of leadership in your homes, schools, and teams.

Raising a Leader for Life

Connect you with a community of like-minded people who are intentional about raising confident, courageous kids who will be tomorrows leaders.



Hi, I’m Christina! Founder of Raising Leaders for Life. My mission is to create true leaders from the inside out across cultures and generations who will inspire change in their worlds.

I’m a mother, a business owner, and the developer of a leadership curriculum for children. I’m dedicated to empowering parents, coaches, mentors, and anyone with a passion for educating children. 

I’ve had the honor of doing life with so many amazing families. We’ve encouraged each other and worked together to grow their children into healthy leaders. Their voices of wisdom continue to speak into my life and now into yours.

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Leadership and Life Skills Certification Course

Coming Soon!

Welcome to the Raising Leaders for Life community, I’m happy you are here. 

Raising a Leader for Life

You want to be the best parent you can be. You’re just not always sure how to get there.

Raising a Leader for Life is your map for the journey of parenting. This book will give you the wisdom to lead your child well, align your heart to listen to what is really going on inside their head, and empower you to love them well through all the ups and downs of parenting.

Your child is a leader in the making and you have incredible influence on their leadership development. This book will guide you to leverage your influence to lead your child well, making an impact for generations to come.

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